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We turn young people's dreams for the future into playful and thought provoking feature films. Each film tackles a different challenge and the screenplays are developed together with the world’s greatest thinkers and changemakers.

The problem

"The future is frightening"

The stories we consume shapes how we look at the world around us and our place in it. As a young person today you are surrounded by rather dark stories about the climate, rising mental health problems and a world that seems to be going in the wrong direction.

No wonder that 75% of young people think that the future is frightening.*

*Study published in The Lancet, sept 2021

So what are the stories we consume that creates this worldview? On the one hand we have reality being covered by the news media. With negative world events getting a lot more attention than positive ones. That’s a problem in its own right. 

But even when we turn to the world of fiction to consume stories on the big screen or through streaming, we are met with a lot more dystopian than optimistic visions for the future. 

We have lost this sense of excitement for the future that prior generations have grown up with. Visions about flying cars, moon landings and large social reforms that played a big part in shaping their early dreams and career choices. 

The youth of today instead have to ask themselves why they should get a long education or start a family if everything is gonna go to shit anyway. 

Fear leads to apathy and a constant sense of worry that a lot of young people live with.

Our process



Each new project begins with us shutting up. Through workshops we invite young people to share their frustrations about the current situation and their dreams about the future. Together they create a shared vision for the future.



Experts and people working for different key organisations in the field are tasked with developing a roadmap. What concrete things need to happen in the world for this vision to become real?



The shared vision and the roadmap of how to get there is used as a base to create an optimistic sci-fi film taking place in the envisioned future. The film's distribution strategy is mostly focused on educational screenings to reach as many young people as possible and create interesting discussions in classrooms around the world. Inspiring and educating the next generation on how they can be a part of creating a better future.

Films in development

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Mental health and loneliness

A glimpse of how the world might look like in 2040


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