A home for long-term thinking

We are building a place made for long perspectives. Open for families, groups and individuals who want to explore how they can be better ancestors.



We live in a short sighted and fast paced world. Where we don’t have time to think about the future or even feel that it is our responsibility to do so. So we continue to choose what is cheap, fast and easy. Both in our personal and professional lives. Leaving this place a little worse off year after year.

The need for
a physical space

Buildings and places have, throughout history and different cultures, helped people to expand their minds and give time and space for thoughts, feelings and rituals outside of everyday life. In the western world we still go to religious temples to say goodbye to loved ones and remember the dead. 

But where do you go to think about the ones who have not been born yet?

Welcome home to

A place designed from the ground up for our most basic human needs: family, friends and play. Surrounded by beautiful nature and animal life.

A place made for long perspectives.


Caring for a place can’t be outsourced. That's why all land and animals on it are cared for by families living here permanently. Utilising the latest technology in combination with traditional building techniques you live in a home that produces its own food, recycles its own waste and blends the border between home and nature. An inspiring showcase of a building that gives back to the ecosystem it lives in. As it should be.


What would life be without friends? That’s why you will find plenty of inviting guest cabins scattered all around. Available for friends, artists in residence and groups visiting. The cabins offer guests a secluded space to zoom out, think on larger time scales and work deeply on meaningful projects.


Creating and playing together is at the core of the human experience. That’s why there is a big playground at the heart of it all. Lecture, workshop or cinema. The building is made for adapting into whatever the visitor needs and will be a gathering spot for events, exhibitions and experiments that aim to start honest and bold conversations about how we can be better ancestors.


We are currently looking for land (minimum 10 hectares) to buy or lease close to Stockholm. If you have a tip for us about a property in a beautiful natural setting or someone we should reach out to, please send us a note at interesting@glimpsefoundation.org.